Welcome to Bristol Bay Alaska!

Bristol Bay LocationBristol Bay has the world's largest runs of sockeye salmon. All five major species of salmon - the chinook, sockeye, chum, coho, and pink salmon spawn in the region. It also has one of the state's largest herring fisheries, and a small population of halibut. The offshore area is a nursing ground for North Pacific halibut stocks. Other marine species such as yellowfin sole, grey cod, shrimp, and clams are abundant.

The region has many large mammals, including caribou, moose, brown and black bears. During the summer months, migratory birds-ducks, geese, cranes, and swans frequent the region.

The communities of Naknek and King Salmon offer an abundance of sight-seeing opportunities.

Bristol Bay and the Alaska Peninsula offer an unprecedented array of recreation opportunities, both summer and winter. You can hike where NASA sent the astronauts for moon environment training. You can raft for days in wild solitude. You can follow the endless routes fur trappers used two hundred years ago or explore where no human has gone before.

The Bristol Bay region and the Alaska Peninsula offer one of the greatest varieties of plant life and wildlife viewing anywhere on earth, all within the reach of even the most modest of adventurers.

King Salmon is the transportation gateway to this area, 300 air miles southwest of Anchorage and served by several regularly scheduled airlines. Upon your arrival, experienced and capable bush pilots are here to take you to tour the bush villages and fishing towns of Southwestern Alaska or to quickly shuttle you to wilderness so vast it is measured in square miles.

Walking and driving tours of the area villages will show you what life is like for the people who call this area home today and for the last several hundred years. You can see the resourcefulness of the people who have developed and maintained their own power, telephone, cable television and cellular phone systems, equal to those anywhere in the country. You will visit a people who live with fox, caribou and grizzly bears in their backyards. It is an area where as many as 150 species of birds can be observed, where whales swim near the shoreline, and where, during peak summer runs, it seems there are enough fish that you could cross the river on their backs.

Welcome to our communities, we are proud to share with you the wonder and uniqueness that is Bristol Bay. It is truly a one of a kind experience for those with the spirit to explore a piece of history that lives on every day in this remote area of Alaska.

Source: Bristol Bay Visitor Guide

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