Dillingham & Surrounding Areas

The Old Dillingham school, now city offices and the alternative school.Dillingham is the economic and regional hub of Bristol Bay, located approximately 370 air miles southwest of Anchorage. Its location is at the head of Nushagak Bay and a the mouth of the Wood and Nushagak Rivers. Dillingham sits at the edge of rolling tundra with ridges of spruce and birch trees. Pristine lakes and streams abound.

Wood-Tikchik State Park
Known as the "Gateway to the Wood-Tikchik State Park", our nation's largest state park, Dillingham offers something for everyone interested in rural Alaska in all its beauty.

If large game is on your mind, moose, caribou, and bear roam the area. Hunting and fishing guides, lodges, and outfitters provide services to meet all the needs of the sportsman or sportswoman.

Dog mushing, snowmachining, cross country skiing, ice skating, and ice fishing in Dillingham’s moderate climate also combine to make winter a great time to visit!

Southwest Alaska, The Last Great Salmon Fishery
The Bristol Bay watershed is known to have one of the largest salmon runs worldwide. Dillingham is home to both the Nushagak and Wood rivers, and is the hub to some of the best commercial fishing fleets in Alaska.

All five species of Pacific Salmon—Chinook (king), sockeye (red), co-ho (silver), humpies (pink) and chum, along with freshwater rainbow trout, arctic char, dolly varden and northern pike, are prolific in the Wood River and Tikchik systems.

In Robert Glenn Ketchum’s book, Rivers of Life, Deborah Williams, Executive Director of Alaska Conservation Foundation is quoted, “There are few places left in the world as wild, biologically productive, remote, beautiful, economically important and fragile as the Bristol Bay watershed in western Alaska.”

Source: Dillingham Chamber of Commerce

For more information visit the Dillingham Chamber of Commerce.

How to Get There

Grant Aviation provides daily scheduled flights and charters between King Salmon and Dillingham. Cargo service is also available. Reservations can be made by calling (907) 246-3590 or toll free at (855) 246-3590.